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Hardstyle Abs
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The highlights of Pavel's HardStyle Abs program: Why high reps have failed you - and the secret sauce that will have your abs tuned for heavy action all day long and at a moment's notice. Hardstyle breathing- for explosive power and a bullet-proof waist. The Hardstyle Sit-up- to generate an unbelievable contraction for superior results. Internal Isometrics- the lost secret behind the old-time physical culturalists' exceptional abdominal strength and development. The Hardstyle Hanging Leg Raise- the final weapon you must master to channel the power of your every muscle into one devastating surge. My good friend Pavel is the functionally strongest pound for pound man I have ever measured and studied. This validates his approaches-they are not polluted by current trend, political correctness, financial gain or ego. Listen to his wisdom and you will be stronger and wiser. I did, and I am. -Professor Stuart McGill, author of Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance Hardstyle Abs is a terrific resource for making your abdominals harder and stronger than they've ever been. Forget about the high-rep burn, Pavel's techniques will unleash explosive power from your midsection when he uncovers his breathing, sit-up, and internal isometrics secrets. And his Hardstyle hanging leg raise is one of the most challenging and effective strength exercises I've ever used. -Chad Waterbury M.S., author Huge in a Hurry And here's the fuller menu of what you'll get with HardStyle Abs : The 3 best types of ammo to put an end to zombie muscle-and for developing the explosive tone of an elite athletePage 4 Want watery, bloated muscle OR cobra-like, fist-of-fury muscle? Know the difference and make the right choicePage 5 Is THIS popular belief a muscle building-myth that will hinder you in your quest for ripped abs?...Page 6 Discover Eugene Sandow's 3-Rep Recipe for a killer six-packPage 7 Are your snarling abs being smothered by a pillow of fat? THESE 2 strategies will shred the ugly softness to reveal the brutes belowPage 8 How to light up your abs like a Christmas tree-and make a power-packed present to your midsection every day of the yearPage 9 The 4 great benefits of HardStyle breathingPage 12 How to take advantage of the neural connection between HardStyle breathing and dynamic power generationPage 12 How to make your muscles dance like a block party on steroidsPage 13 One method HERE will activate the TVA for solid, protective strength. But THIS other popular method could injure your back big timePage 13 How to safeguard and strengthen THIS vulnerable spot-and see a dramatic increase in training intensityPage 15 THIS is the #1, indispensable breathing method for forging your killer six-packPage 16 Get this wrong and you're wasting effort: discover the exact percent to inhale for maximal muscle tensingPage 19 The 3 keys to perfect resting tension-for more powerful musclePages 19-21 Employ this ancient Karate secret to ramp up your strength not only in the midsection, but in multiple other liftsPage 23 How the patented RKC hip flexor stretch can optimize your ab-power drillsPages 24-27 When and how much to practice your HardStyle breathing to optimize your results in sports or strength trainingPage 28 The HardStyle Sit-up: how to defeat your hip flexors and make your abs rule The traditional sit-up hurts you and gives you pitiful results-find out why they should be fly-over territoryPages 30-31 THIS major improvement to the original Janda Sit-up has been documented to generate significant extra powerPages 32-33 The correct way to protect your back after performing JandasPages 34-35 How to extract maximum muscle tension with the HardStyle Sit-UpPages 36-37 THIS cruel twist will further torture your abs when you have the strength to take it onPage 39 How to add greater elastic springiness to your abs-for a WAY more powerful midsectionPage 40 THIS little-known secret helps elite gymnasts develop their amazing upper body strengthPage 43 How to properly employ the pelvis-and see your strength gains skyrocketPages 43-48 How to create tension out of thin air-for a remarkable boost in your performancePage 49 Why the amazing Ab Pavelizer is worth its weight in gold-for a consistent, reliable boost in ab strengthPages 53-55 Internal Isometrics: the secret

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