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I Dream of Darcy, Book 3: A Pride and Prejudice...
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Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen´s Pride and Prejudice is flattered to be courted by a handsome young earl. Yet in her heart, she yearns for the mercurial Mr. Darcy. Tall, handsome, and keenly intelligent, he leaves her breathless whenever they are in company. After Lizzy helps Darcy save his cousin from a scoundrel, they grow closer. Then, a visitor from her home at Longbourn upsets Lizzy´s plans. Will the schemers and fortune hunters drive a wedge between her and Darcy? Or will our dear couple find their way to lasting love? This Pride and Prejudice variation is a sweet Regency romance. It´s the third and final book of a novel in three parts that must be read in order. This serial includes flirty banter, wicked rakes, and breathless kisses, but no on-page intimacy.

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